To effectively manage customer service via social media platforms, companies can include an appointment scheduler and/or contact button on their Facebook page that directly connects or integrates to your website’s contact page. Your strategy should also include a designated customer service rep that will be available to answer queries,  and a designated time period for your that their questions will be answered. For example: choose a time period between 11am – 2pm which is usually during lunch hour when staff or potential clients will have more free during the day.

social media management

Implementation Steps:

  1. Add a contact button or web form to your Facebook page, as well as an appointment scheduler app that integrates with your site and Facebook business page to make it easy for clients to connect with  you.


  1. Every day during business hours, announce a post and/or tweet on Facebook and Twitter pages. Example: “Company X customer care is now available to answer all queries and questions between the hours of 11am – 2pm est. Please post or tweet us for an immediate response.”


  1. Create several templates and an image that you will use for your Facebook post announcement and your Twitter/tweet message.


  1. Create an implementation and follow-up system.


  1. Be consistent and ask for feedback to improve.

To learn more about how you can maximize your social media efforts, and create systems that will grow your business; please tweet to AOPR @applesorangespr or contact AOPR on Facebook.

Thank you for reading. We hope this helps to grow your business.

Team AOPR!

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60 Twitter tools for PR and marketing pros

You can get a lot out of Twitter as it is: It’s an excellent network to find experts, read interesting articles and jump into conversations. But sometimes PR and marketing pros want to do more.

top 5 small business resources.

Recently, while hunting for Twitter tools, we found many suggestions and recommendations were outdated, and several Twitter-based tools have been bought out or shut down in the last few years. Many of the tools we originally found were poorly designed and difficult to use.

We’ve tested hundreds of Twitter tools and narrowed them down to the best that can help you with almost everything—measurement, finding and creating content, interacting with your audience, building your presence and more.

Here are 60 tools PR and marketing pros should check out:

The most popular tools

Here are 60 tools PR and marketing pros should check out:

The most popular tools

1. shortens links, but perhaps more importantly, it also tracks link clicks.

2. Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck allows you to create multiple streams that can be based on your feed, keywords or searches. You can also easily tweet, retweet and respond through the app or desktop version.

3. Hootsuite

Though it has similar features to Tweetdeck, Hootsuite allows you to manage multiple twitter accounts. The free version includes three Twitter accounts, and you can upgrade to the premium version if you need more than that.

If you’re just starting out with Hootsuite, this article will walk you through setting up Twitter accounts.

4. Klout

Klout provides all users with a score from 1-100; the average score is around 40. You can link your Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus accounts as well. Klout also provides suggestions on users to follow and content to share.

5. Topsy

Whatever your client’s industry–be it organic farming or interior design–Topsy will give you the number of relevant tweets and trends and then list out the most popular tweets. It’s a great resources for finding interesting content and relevant twitter accounts to follow. You can get a lot out of Twitter as it is: It’s an excellent network to find experts, read interesting articles and jump into conversations. But sometimes PR and marketing pros want to do more.

Recently, while hunting for Twitter tools, we found many suggestions and recommendations were outdated, and several Twitter-based tools have been bought out or shut down in the last few years. Many of the tools we originally found were poorly designed and difficult to use.

We’ve tested hundreds of Twitter tools and narrowed them down to the best that can help you with almost everything—measurement, finding and creating content, interacting with your audience, building your presence and more.


The Top 15 High Class Airline Cabins of All Time

15. Lufthansa First Class

Lufthansa First Class

Flyers can relax in comfortable seats or extend these into 6’6 comfortable beds. Passengers can enjoy personalized entertainment screens, or enjoy meals from award winning chefs. This airline offers a wine program, Vinothek, which is constantly being updated with newer and better options by famous Master of Wine, Markus Del Monego. (The Richest)

14. British Airways First Class

British Airways First Class

British Airways provides passengers their own private and spacious suite, a comfortable adjustable seat that becomes a fully flat bed with a mattress, duvet and a complimentary pair of pajamas. Flyers can enjoy a facial or full body relaxation massage in any of British Airways’ first class lounges around the world, or a light massage on some unique flights. Their menu choices include three full meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), as well as the option to order additional choices. (The Richest)

13. Oman Air First Class

Oman Air First Class

Oman Air offers passengers lie-flat seats, direct aisle access and a la carte dining for every passenger flying first class. Their first class cabin area includes an elegant lounge, and only six seats, offering their passengers maximum privacy and the feel of an exclusive private jet. Their 25.5′ wide seats feature a built in massage system, allowing customers to relax, whether they’re enjoying any of a wide selection of movies, or to sleep on their reclined seats. Their customers have the option of enjoy caviar appetizers, as well as a choice of Arabic inspired gourmet meals, or to choose a glass of champagne or wine from their extensive wine cellar.(The Richest)

12. Korean Air Kosmo Suite

Korean Air Kosmo Suite

Korean Air’s first class feature adjustable seating with an extendable footrest, confined within individual office spaces with personal screens. For flyers looking to rest, the 26.5′ wide seat can be adjusted to become 5.9′ wider, and be stretched out into a 79′ long one-piece seat mattress that ensures maximum comfort during sleep on long flights. A unique feature to this airline is the option of passengers getting unique views of the outside sky on their personal monitors, allowing them to track their journey.(The Richest)

11. Transaero Imperial Class

Transaero Imperial Class

First class passengers have access to a private driver to and from a select number of airports around the world, as well as access to a guide to the airport and airline prior to them boarding their flights. In regards to boarding flights, their passengers are chauffeured directly to their plane, bypassing horrible check-in lines that the rest of us have to contend with.(The Richest)

10. Thai Royal First

Thai Royal First

Upon boarding the plane, passengers receive welcome champagnes, tropical juices or Thai Royal’s signature ‘Violet Breeze’, which is a blend of chilled lime juice and pressed Thai butterfly-pea blossoms. They are then seated in comfortable seat-office-beds, which can be adjusted for work, relaxation or sleep, and reclined to become an 180 degree flat bed. For resting times, flyers receive soft blankets and pillows to lull them to sleep. When it comes to on-flight food offerings, Thai Airways have some of the freshest, most flavorful meals around, offering their passengers multi-course meals inspired by gourmet Thai cuisine. For entertainment, the airline has over 100 movie options for their passengers to enjoy while they spend their time relaxing in a luxurious home in the sky.(The Richest)

9. American Airlines Flagship

American Airlines Flagship

Flyers sit in adjustable 6’6 seats that are the only swivel seats in the industry, allowing for easier face-to-face interaction between passengers. When tired, passengers can take advantage of the seats lie-down feature, which turn them into comfortable sleeping arrangements.(The Richest)

8. JetBlue Mint

JetBlue Mint - Front Row. (PRNewsFoto/JetBlue Airways)
JetBlue Mint

Their customers can enjoy free in-flight wifi, and over 100 channels available of interactive 15″ video screens. For their in-flight meals, they’ve partnered with famous New York based restaurant Saxon + Parole to create unique menus, created fresh daily. Better than their meals are their snack selections from Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery, A Colicchio Discovery, and ice cream from Blue Marble Ice Cream. All first class customers receive a complimentary care package from Birchbox and some snacks for their journey.(The Richest)

7. Air France

Air France

Featuring simplicity and focusing on elegance, the airline offers loads of storage, hotel-quality bedding units, and most importantly only allows 4 – 9 passengers for the entire section of the plane, offering plenty of privacy for its guests. Using side-by-side recliners that can be folded into beds, the focus of the experience is on relaxation and on taking a break from work. Featuring chef inspired meals and a wine list that is updated every 2 months.(The Richest)

6. Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic

For those looking for a great place to focus on work, Virgin’s cabins offer great working stations, with a roomy table and laptop storage space in every suite. Or for passengers who have the time to relax on their flight, Virgin features individual 10.4” TVs in every suite, with an offering of over 300 movies! Not to be outdone when it comes to the dining experience, Virgin Air have partnered with celebrity chef Lorraine Pascale, to create a unique dining experience for their passengers. Virgin offers the widest seats at 22″ and can be stretched to become some of the roomiest beds out of any airline, allowing their passengers to enjoy a comfortable sleep in their 33″ wide and 6’6 long, fully flat beds.(The Richest)

5. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways

Passengers have the option of relaxing in a flat bed, or reclining in their comfortable seats to enjoy a multitude of entertainment options. A ten-course meal is served on this airline, inspired by two Celebrity Chefs, and featuring such delicacies as caviar, lobster and various gourmet food options. Customers can choose from an extensive fine wine list or various liqueurs and champagne while aboard this flight. Upon parting, they receive a Giorgio Armani gift set to enjoy on their journey.(The Richest)

4. ANA First Square

ANA First Square

One of the most unique features of the ANA First Square’s first class cabin are their square office cubicle-like seats, which feature comfortable leather seats with seat controls (with the option to adjust them to upright, relaxed or fold down into a bed with one simple button), and a spacious working area. Unlike the typical peanuts pack snack common with the economy class, theirs includes a mixture of Prosciutto, plums stuffed with liver mousse and chicken jelly, cheese sticks and champagne. Their main course offerings include items such as caviar, sea urchin, abalone, prawns and a wide variety of fresh fish meals cooked by an in-flight chef. For sleep, customers receive a set of pajamas in blue ANA colors and a pair of slippers, and a duvet to make their bed more comfortable. Customers also receive a cardigan while in flight to ensure they won’t get cold(The Richest)

3. Emirates First Class Suites

Emirates First Class Suites

Emirates Airline offers both a common first class section, as well as private suites, complete with sliding doors and ambient lighting. Offering a la carte meals and a unique wine menu, Emirates also features an Onboard Lounge, where first class customers have the option of choosing from premium spirits, wines, champagne, cocktails and beers served by their in-flight bartender. One of the unique features of this airline is their Shower Spa, where flyers can shower and rejuvenate before they arrive at their destination. As a parting gift, their customers receive gift sets which includes Bvlgari toiletries and Timeless Spa products.(The Richest)

2. Etihad Diamond First

Etihad Diamond First

Featuring a private cabin or apartment, as well as private dining tables for their guests, customers flying first class on Etihad’s flights have access to a personal in-flight chef offering menus inspired by international fine dining cuisines. Their guests can enjoy a signature cognac service and the option to enjoy wines from a boutique wine list. For entertainment, Ethiad’s guests have access to over 750 hours of in-flight entertainment which can be enjoyed on individual 24″ TV sets, as well as mobile and internet access throughout the place. When it comes to downtime, Etihad’s attention to detail becomes evident: their customers are offered a night time beverage, earplugs, noise cancelling headphones, pillow mist, a personal set of lounge wear, as well as a grooming and care kit to use before they retire to their private space that features a ‘Do Not Disturb’ function (we assume this means no one is allowed into the space). (The Richest)

  1. Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines

Offering private cabins with sliding doors and window blinds, their customers can choose the level of privacy they prefer. The First Class seats were designed in partnership with BMW Group DesignworksUSA, offering seats with a 35″ width that become double beds when laid out, making them the most spacious airline seats around. Customers are welcomed aboard with Dom Perignon, a wide selection of magazines, and a welcome package of Givenchy perfume. Their in-flight entertainment includes personal 24″ LCD screens with touch screen interface, as well as Bose noise cancelling headphones. For their in-flight meal service, their customers have access to an International Culinary Panel of world-renowned chefs, and various ever changing wine lists. Customers have the option of using their Book the Cook feature, which allows them to order their customized meals 24 hours prior to their flight. The overall experience can set you back anywhere from $1000 to a whooping $23,000 for a flight from NYC to Singapore, so of course the experience would be unbelievable.(The Richest)

How to Build a Luxury Brand

Brand Magazine’s round table explains what makes luxury brands attractive and ever lasting from the competition. This video will help you on how to build a worthy brand that will intrigue consumers.Erich Joachimsthaler, CEO and Founder of branding firm Vivaldi Partners discusses the challenges and opportunities in luxury branding:

After watching this video provided by Brand magazine, download the complete Branding Roundtable (a free eBook) to get all the roundtable participants’ answers to key questions, including:

  • Which consumers are really driving the luxury sector?
  • What are the categories that most define luxury today?
  • Does the segmenting of the market into Ultra premium, premium and “regular” luxury, etcetera create problems?
  • What are the most important differentiators for luxury brands?
  • What does achieving and executing against a global perspective look like?
  • Innovation is fairly well an obsession in most categories – what role does it play in luxury?
  • Considering the minimal impact of e-commerce on luxury sales, what is the role of digital?
  • Is there any potential for backlash against luxury brands, given rising concerns about income inequality and the next generation’s reported demand for greater purpose and meaning?
  • What is an example of a particularly forward-thinking initiative in luxury branding?

The 10 Most Richest Fashion Brands in the World

10. Levi Strauss & Co.

Worth: $4.67 billion

$4.67 billion – This jean label was invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in the 1870s. Now in 2015, jeans are still of one of the most popular clothing garments ever and the company is still going strong.

9. Coach, Inc 

Worth: $4.76 billion
Worth: $4.76 billion

$4.76 billion – Founded in 1941, which is signified in their horse and buggy logo. Coach is known for their sophistication and elegance.

8. Phillips-Van Heusen Corp

Worth: $6.04 billion
Worth: $6.04 billion

$6.04 billion – This company produces their own clothing but they are known for owning the brands Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. Tommy Hilfiger bought this company for $3 billion than Calvin Klein was bought in 2002. This company provides neckties for DKNY and Ted Baker.

7. Estèe Lauder

Worth: $9.71 billion

$9.71 billion – Founded in 1946, this company has grew to become so big over time to own cosmetic lines like Bobbi Brown, Clinique, M.A.C and Jo Malone.

6. Richemont

Worth: $11.83 billion

$11.83 billion – Since the late 80’s this company has sold watches, jewelry, clothing and leather goods. Their successful subsidiaries are Cartier and Chloe.

5. Christian Dior

Worth: $11.91 billion
Worth: $11.91 billion

$11.91 billion – Christian Dior house was founded in 1946. They produce a variety of successful perfumes and cosmetics.

4. The Gap

Worth: $15.65 billion

$15.65 billion – Founded in 1969 by Donald Fisher and Doris F. Fisher, the GAP is still one of the most recognized brands ever. This company owns successful franchises like Banana Republic and Old Navy.

3. Kering

Worth: $15.65 billion
Worth: $15.65 billion

$15.65 billion – Founded in 1963, this fashion label has grown to own brands like Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Gucci and Stella McCartney. It also has a ‘Sport and Lifestyle’ division which includes Puma, Cobra Golf and Volcom.

2. H&M

Worth: $18.82 billion

$18.82 billion – This Swedish company was founded in 1947. The initials ‘H&M’ come from the word ‘Hennes’ (meaning ‘for her’ in Swedish) and Mauritz (the first name of the retailer who introduced a men’s range to the company in 1968).

1. LVMH Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton S.A

Worth: $37.14 billion
Worth: $37.14 billion

$37.14 billion – Created by the merger of Louis Vuitton and Moët Hennessy in 1987, their products range from clothing, jewelry, perfume, luggage to fancy wines. Its most famous subsidiary brand is Louis Vuitton and their famous bags