To effectively manage customer service via social media platforms, companies can include an appointment scheduler and/or contact button on their Facebook page that directly connects or integrates to your website’s contact page. Your strategy should also include a designated customer service rep that will be available to answer queries,  and a designated time period for your that their questions will be answered. For example: choose a time period between 11am – 2pm which is usually during lunch hour when staff or potential clients will have more free during the day.

social media management

Implementation Steps:

  1. Add a contact button or web form to your Facebook page, as well as an appointment scheduler app that integrates with your site and Facebook business page to make it easy for clients to connect with  you.


  1. Every day during business hours, announce a post and/or tweet on Facebook and Twitter pages. Example: “Company X customer care is now available to answer all queries and questions between the hours of 11am – 2pm est. Please post or tweet us for an immediate response.”


  1. Create several templates and an image that you will use for your Facebook post announcement and your Twitter/tweet message.


  1. Create an implementation and follow-up system.


  1. Be consistent and ask for feedback to improve.

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Public Relations: What Every Internet Marketers Should Know

As an internet marketer, your purpose is to build, promote, and grow your brands. Internet marketers are constantly taught to focus on social media but we should also be encouraged to try different ways for brand promotion. Don’t focus only on social media and apply creative thinking to find different ways to publicize your brand.

1. Build Relationships with Your Local Journalists and the Media

Know your target market and audience you are trying to reach. In addition, create a list of your targeted media publications and strategically connect with them. You can start by sending an email introducing yourself and explain how you can be a source or contributor.

2. Know Your Influencers

Research your top industry influencers and connect with them. Follow their content religiously, and engage in their online conversations.

3. Mange Your Brand’s Reputation

Monitor all of your online content and online mentions of your brand. Subscribe to Google alerts, add #hashtag keywords to your content. Monitor your media profile on a daily basis.

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How to Create a Social Media & Blog Post Template

When blogging, it is best to create a standard template; it helps to keep consistency and organization within your content.

Productivity anywhere

Blog Post Template


[Blog Title] – What Is This Post About? The subject, benefit etc…

[PHOTO] – A photo says a thousand words. Always add a photo that relates to your story or post.

[Subtitle] – Sum up what you will talk about in the post. That way the readers get a sense of what you will discuss or talk about.

[Body] – The meat of your post. This should include points, advice and details of your post that will be useful to your readers. The content should relate to the blog title.

Blog Post Ends

This info below goes at the end of every blog

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PR Help & PR Internships in New York

PR Help
The Opportunity
Apples & Oranges Public Relations is a growing company which means that interns will engage in all aspects of preparation and project management. Interns will gain a great deal of experience as well as a new-found understanding of the industry.

How to apply:
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​Available Positions:

Event Coordinator
Job description:
Coordinates and plans special events and activities and other related duties.​

​Assistant Marketing Director
Job description:
Provides leadership, direction, and oversee the development of all marketing, advertising, promotional, in activities of the company.

​Communications Manager
Job Description:
Direct and oversee all administrative and customer relations activities of the company

Multimedia and Design Director
Job Description:
Create all designs and concepts for marketing collateral, websites, invitations, logos etc.
Advance knowledge of Adobe InDesign and Illustrator required.

Business Development Coordinator
Job Description:
Develop new partnerships and strategic allies to grow the company.

Public Relations Assistant Director
Job Description:
Provide support to PR Director on all PR related activities of the company.

How to apply:
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info (@) or visit


Thinking of starting your blog? It’s great for business. Apply these 10 easy tips to get started today.


1. Name your blog so it reflects what you’ll be talking about as it relates directly to your business. Keep your blog on focus with themes.

2. Find a provider that offers all the technical elements you need to create an effective blog. WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger are very easy to use. Keep It simple.

3. Keep the same look and feel as your other marketing products—both online and offline.

4. Keep the tone casual. Be authentic, natural, honest, and informal, but maintain professionalism.

5. Enhance your blog with other media such as photos, audio, and video. Say what you think about industry information; personalize your posts with your own views.

6. Take a stand. Offer valuable information with news, trends, tips, insights, or analysis.

7. Be brief. Blog posts are small, but frequent snippets of information.

8. Commit to consistency. Plan on blogging at least two to three times a week.

9. Be a connector. Link to various online resources for background information on a topic.

10. SHARE. Expand your community with blogrolls. Inspire interactivity with reader comments and by posting on other blogs. Distribute your blog using RSS feeds for maximum exposure.

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