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To effectively manage customer service via social media platforms, companies can include an appointment scheduler and/or contact button on their Facebook page that directly connects or integrates to your website’s contact page. Your strategy should also include a designated customer service rep that will be available to answer queries,  and a designated time period for your that their questions will be answered. For example: choose a time period between 11am – 2pm which is usually during lunch hour when staff or potential clients will have more free during the day.

social media management

Implementation Steps:

  1. Add a contact button or web form to your Facebook page, as well as an appointment scheduler app that integrates with your site and Facebook business page to make it easy for clients to connect with  you.


  1. Every day during business hours, announce a post and/or tweet on Facebook and Twitter pages. Example: “Company X customer care is now available to answer all queries and questions between the hours of 11am – 2pm est. Please post or tweet us for an immediate response.”


  1. Create several templates and an image that you will use for your Facebook post announcement and your Twitter/tweet message.


  1. Create an implementation and follow-up system.


  1. Be consistent and ask for feedback to improve.

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Amazing Fashion Choices at The ESPY Awards

Yesterday in Los Angles, California, the ESPY Awards were held. Here are the hottest stars that walked the red carpet:

Squaring off: ESPN anchor Hannah Storm wore an above the knee simple white gown with a rectangular neckline while tennis player Sloane Stephens went for an ultra short sparkling dress with black strappy sandals
Sloane Stephens
Proud: Amy Purdy wore a stunning sequin shimmering gown, which skimmed her thighs and showed off her prosthetic limbs
Amy Purdy
B-score on the red carpet: Artistic gymnast Shawn Johnson wore a white top and skirt ensemble
Shawn Johnson

Tying her look together: The Sports Illustrated model accessorised with a clutch which featured a large bow

Hannah Davis and Derek Jenner

Doing demure, just: Mel B went for a more longer look than is usual for her, with her dress finishing below the knee
Mel B
Witch dress shall I wear: Halle Berry chose what could have been a sorceress inspired frock which featured bell cuffs in leather and lace panels
Halle Berry
Magnificent in mauve: Ciara wore a stunning floor length gown to the ESPYs on Wednesday and walked the red carpet with her beau Russell Wilson
Russel Wilson and Ciara
Showing support: Kendall and Kylie Jenner hit the ESPY red carpet on Wednesday appearing at the event where their father Caitlyn Jenner was being honoured
Kendall and Kylie Jenner
Lady on his arm: Doing it for Dad: Their half brother Brody did make an appearance before the event started - he wore a black suit with matching T-shirt which he teamed with trainers and walked the red carpet with partner Kaitlynn Carter
Brody Jenner and Kaitlynn Carter
Flashing the flesh! Britney Spears showed off her toned shape in a plunging tank top and beaded shorts at The ESPYS on Wednesday in Los Angeles
Britney Spears
Showing off: The sleeveless frock displayed the 30-year-old's toned arms while the eye-opening split ran almost all the way up to her hip
Lindsey Vonn
Knockouts! Rachel McAdams and Jake Gyllenhaal attended the ESPY Awards at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles on Wednesday
Rachel McAdams and Jake Gyllenhaal

3 Characteristic All Powerful Women Have

Every successful woman has certain characteristics that help her succeed. The powerful women of the world empower us all and inspire us to be more.




A woman needs to portray confidence. Your confidence radiates to the people around. The more confidence you have, the more people respect you and take knowledge your impute. Gaining confidence can be difficult, that is why you fake it until you make it. Force yourself to pretend you have confidence and eventually you will start to believe it yourself.




Hard work is a must for every powerful woman; we aren’t born with respect and responsibility. Successful women are persistence, work hard, and always go the extra mile. These women are persistent; they want respect and are willing to fight for it. Hard work is a necessary characteristic; these women need to stay ahead of the game.




A fancy education isn’t necessarily a must, but constantly wanting to learn and gain knowledge is. The need to learn is a large task to complete, it takes regular maintenance. Whether it is current events, entertainment, new specialties, foreign languages, or a new activity the desire to further learning is something to embrace. Wanting to personally better yourself is a characteristic to incorporate in every aspect of your life.