How to Build a Luxury Brand

Brand Magazine’s round table explains what makes luxury brands attractive and ever lasting from the competition. This video will help you on how to build a worthy brand that will intrigue consumers.Erich Joachimsthaler, CEO and Founder of branding firm Vivaldi Partners discusses the challenges and opportunities in luxury branding:

After watching this video provided by Brand magazine, download the complete Branding Roundtable (a free eBook) to get all the roundtable participants’ answers to key questions, including:

  • Which consumers are really driving the luxury sector?
  • What are the categories that most define luxury today?
  • Does the segmenting of the market into Ultra premium, premium and “regular” luxury, etcetera create problems?
  • What are the most important differentiators for luxury brands?
  • What does achieving and executing against a global perspective look like?
  • Innovation is fairly well an obsession in most categories – what role does it play in luxury?
  • Considering the minimal impact of e-commerce on luxury sales, what is the role of digital?
  • Is there any potential for backlash against luxury brands, given rising concerns about income inequality and the next generation’s reported demand for greater purpose and meaning?
  • What is an example of a particularly forward-thinking initiative in luxury branding?

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