Most Desired Luxury Items in America!

A national survey of a thousand people conducted by revealed America’s most desired luxury items.

Men and women differed in their choice of luxury items and how much they are willing to spend on them. The ultimate luxury item for men is a Rolls Royce and they were willing to spend $45,000 on a luxury item given the chance. Women preferred a personal chef and were only willing to spend $20,000 on an item.

Forty-three percent of surveyors said that they treat themselves to a luxury item more than twice a year. Twenty-five percent of surveyors have received a very lavish gift usually by their partner.

When debating the meaning of luxury, more than a third of surveyors believed that a luxury item was simply a status symbol. Nineteen percent of them believed that the items made them feel good and one in six believed they that are a sign of good quality material.

The CEO of Method Fitness, David Guzman, explained the allure of the luxury life, “Most folks just want a taste of what it feels like to be pampered, to be catered to, to feel important…We see these things in store windows and in magazines, worn by celebrities and the rich and famous in movies and on television. And despite dreaming, we think it’s not possible. But with hard work, many of these things are within our reach.”

Here are the survey’s top 10 lists:

For Men:

1. Rolls Royce

2. Rolex watch

3. Beachfront Home in Hawaii

4. Tiffany diamonds/jewelry

5. Bentley

6. Porsche

7. Mansion in Beverly Hills

8. Personal Chef

9. Personal driver

10. Cartier diamonds/watch/jewelry


For Women:

1. Personal Chef

2. Rolls Royce

3. Beachfront Home in Hawaii

4. Personal driver

5. Tiffany diamonds/jewelry

6. Rolex watch

7. Bentley

8. Mansion in Beverly Hills

9. Jaguar

10. Porsche


Top 20 Unlitmate Luxury Items

1. Rolls Royce

2. Personal Chef

3. Beachfront Home in Hawaii

4. Rolex watch

5. Tiffany diamonds/jewelry

6. Personal driver

7. Bentley

8. Mansion in Beverly Hills

9. Porsche

10. Jaguar

11. Cartier diamonds/watch/jewelry

12. Beachfront home/condo in Malibu

13. Home in the South of France

14. Louis Vuitton handbag/luggage

15. Personal trainer (in home or while traveling)

16. Prada bag/luggage

17. Any diamond

18. Harry Winston diamonds/jewelry

19. Louis Vuitton shoes

20. Van Cleef & Arpels diamonds/jewelry

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