Public Relations: What Every Internet Marketers Should Know

As an internet marketer, your purpose is to build, promote, and grow your brands. Internet marketers are constantly taught to focus on social media but we should also be encouraged to try different ways for brand promotion. Don’t focus only on social media and apply creative thinking to find different ways to publicize your brand.

1. Build Relationships with Your Local Journalists and the Media

Know your target market and audience you are trying to reach. In addition, create a list of your targeted media publications and strategically connect with them. You can start by sending an email introducing yourself and explain how you can be a source or contributor.

2. Know Your Influencers

Research your top industry influencers and connect with them. Follow their content religiously, and engage in their online conversations.

3. Mange Your Brand’s Reputation

Monitor all of your online content and online mentions of your brand. Subscribe to Google alerts, add #hashtag keywords to your content. Monitor your media profile on a daily basis.

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