Top 5 female CEO’s in the luxury brand market

The luxury brand industry has been dominated by men for a long time. In an industry full of males, these women thrive as CEO’s of some of the highest ranking luxury brands.



In 1913, Prada was founded in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Milan. The company was created by Mario Prada, the grandmother of Miuccia Prada. Miuccia is the current CEO of Prada. Miuccia Prada studied at the University of Milan, and took over the family-owned company in 1978. At the age of 65, she has a net worth $4.5 billion.



Created on August 19, 1883 Gabrielle Chanel has been creating fashion items and building the Chanel brand.  The company has grown from hats to perfumes to fashion, covering almost everything the luxury lifestyle wants. Maureen Chiquet was named the CEO of Chanel in 2007. Chiquet graduated from Yale University in 1985.


Dolce and Gabbana

In 1985, the company was founded by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Dolce & Gabbana is a distinguished luxury brand that combines originality with its origin, Mediterranean style. The company has 287 stores in 40 countries worldwide. Federica Marchionni replaced Edgar Huber as the CEO of Dolce & Gabbana. Marchionni is a former president of the company.



Founded in 1989, DKNY’s goal was to create fashion that could transfer from casual to formal. Fashion designer, Donna Karan (DK) founded the company in 1984. Caroline Brown became CEO of DKNY in 2014; she replaced former CEO Mark Weber.


Tory Burch

In 2004 fashion designer, Tory Burch launched the company. The newly establish company has more than 125 boutiques, and the Tory Burch brand is present in more than 3,000 stores worldwide.

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