How Important is Social Media Etiquette? Here Are 3 Tips to Make Your Social Media Networking More Efficient and Successful.

Here are 3 tips to make your social media networking  more successful.

Be Consistent and Professional on Social Media

All successful #social media-savvy individuals have a long list of social media accounts; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Sometimes we even have multiple accounts on each site, but having two Twitter and Facebook accounts; one personal and one professional. Be mindful of posting photos of you and your friends drinking and partying. If you want to post risky photos make sure you select the private post option.

To Bare or Not to bare

Showing too much skin is great for the beach but not for your social media profile; so tone it down and dont you “bare.” You never know who will be viewing your profile.

Create Good Demeanor

This is extremely important, and cannot be stressed enough!

Reply to posts and inquiries with 24 hours.Stay on top of communication within your #social media groups and pages.

Don’t post rude comments because you dont agree with someone’s opinion. Be clear in your communication, engage in conversations and topics in which you have knowledge about. Be confident.

We look forward to your Friendship on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Happy Socializing.

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