Starting your own business is a potentially life-changing endeavor, so you have to know exactly what you’re getting into before taking the plunge. Here are seven questions to ask yourself. The answers will help you determine whether you’re ready to start a business.

How to raise funds for your event

Why do I want to start a business?

Do you want a lifestyle change? Has it always been your dream to start a business? Is your passion for, say, surfing the catalyst for developing a website devoted to the sport? It’s important to go into business for the right reasons, not simply because you’re sick of your current job. For starters, you need to have expertise in whatever field you choose, as well as business acumen.

What are my strengths and weaknesses?

Before embarking on your own venture, take time to write a list of your strengths and weaknesses. This will give you an idea of what voids need to be filled in order to make your small business a success. And it will also clarify exactly what you would bring to the table as a business owner.

Do I understand the logistics of starting a business?

There’s much more to starting a business than a great idea. Among the areas to consider: the benefits of incorporating, how business taxation works, the process for getting a loan and roughly how much money you’ll need, how many employees you’ll require initially, what you have lined up in the way of suppliers (if applicable), and what steps you’ll take in terms of marketing. Before proceeding, you must come up with a detailed business plan that takes all of these things into account.


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5 NYC African American Fashion & Beauty Editors Fashionistas Should To Follow.

        Get in the know. When it comes to all things #fashion and #beauty guess who knows best…

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  1. Simone S. Oliver
    The New York Times, Online Fashion Editor

    Twitter: @SimoneSOliver
  2. Shiona Turini
    Cosmopolitan Magazine, Fashion Market Director

    Twitter: @Shionat
  3. Celia Smith
    Essence.com, Fashion Editor

    Twitter: @CeliaStyle
  4. Dana Oliver
    The Huffington Post, Senior Beauty Editor

    Twitter: @HuffPostBeauty

These top 5 fashion and beauty editors should definitely be on your list.

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A Must for Luxury Brand Lovers to do in NYC This Weekend: Visit Christian Louboutin’s Red Soles Stand By At Killer Heels Exhibition In NYC

Good morning #LuxuryBrand #shoelovers we highly recommend this exhibit! Please send us your comments.

Christian Louboutin’s Red Soles Stand By At Killer Heels Exhibition In NYC

While high heels breathe life into any ensemble, lengthen legs and boost confidence, they also render that terrific feeling of glamour which cannot be substituted. Currently they are highlighted at The Brooklyn Museum’s latest exhibition, Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe. The show features more than 160 experimental high heels from the seventeenth century through the present. Christian Louboutin’s Red Soled creations also form part of this new collection which comprises of the high platform chopines to the glamorous stilettos.


Startup Hacks: Seven Ideas for Building Your Team