Five Ways to Promote Blog Content

Maintaining a blog can be hard work. Preparing a post is hard enough, but once it’s published, how do you get it out there? Here are the five best ways to promote blog content.


1. Social Media

The more you post your content to social media, the more it will be seen. Post each article you write on Facebook at least once. Tweet it multiple times. According to this article from Buffer, the best times to share on Twitter are weekdays during work hours. Also, include one “pinnable” picture per post. That is, something you can upload to Pinterest that will catch a pinner’s eye and take them to your site.

2. Send out a Newsletter

Sending your posts straight to your reader’s mailbox is a great way to gain exposure. Using a service such as Mail Chimp is a great way to send out a clean and aesthetically pleasing newsletter.

3. Networking

Another great way to promote your content is pure networking. Visit other blogs, tweet at them, and engage with readers. Sparking a conversation with a fellow blogger or business will lead to the opportunity to share your blog and content.

4. Submit Your Articles

There are plenty of places that you can submit your articles to gain exposure. Depending on the nature of your content, you can submit to StumbleUponThought CatalogBuzzfeed, and more. Most are as easy as a simple form to fill out, and can gain you maximum exposure.

5. Join Communities

Joining blogger communities or networks can give you a place where you can get tons of support for your blog. There are many local communities, age-based communities, and more. There are always people within these communities excited to read new content.

What’s your favorite way to promote content? Let us know!

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