How To Communicate WIth Your Audience

How To Communicate WIth Your Audience

How are your communication skills?

Communication is crucial no matter what you do. Whether you are in the public relations field or not, this article has some great insight on communication.


Skills Needed For Public Relations Success

Skills Needed For Public Relations Success

This article highlights five very important skills needed to succeed in the public relations industry.  Take a look and see for yourself!


“Knowing how to navigate Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook is important.”

Writing Professional Emails

Writing Professional Emails

“Email may be faster and more efficient, but your client or business partner will not easily forgive correspondence that is too casual.”

Writing a professional email can be tricky.  This article shows tips so that writing your next one will be easy. 

How Do Public Relations Agencies Work?

How Do Public Relations Agencies Work?

“PR agencies promote companies or individuals via editorial coverage.”

Check out this article to learn more about PR agencies like AOPR!