A Guide To Slide Show Presentations

A Guide To Slide Show Presentations

“If you have a slide that takes longer than 10 seconds for the audience to comprehend, it’s too complex.”

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How to Leverage PR for SEO Success

How to Leverage PR for SEO Success

“SEO can have so much more of an impact on the company than simply affecting rankings. A strong outreach campaign can greatly promote the brand, create goodwill and boost sales above and beyond any ranking improvements that can be influenced.”


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Characteristics of a Great Company Name

Are you thinking of a name for your new or existing business? Not an easy task…Choosing a business nameSo how did we choose our business name?Our goal is to be a part of every business conversation. In most business discussions, the term “Apples

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Great News for Women Owned Businesses

According to the Center for Women’s Business Research:

Women Owned Businesses
Women Owned Businesses

•Women business owners contribute nearly $3 trillion to the U.S. economy and create or maintain 23 million jobs.

• If women-owned businesses were their own country, they would have the fifth largest GDP in the world, ahead of countries including France, the United Kingdom, and Italy. If women-owned businesses were their own country, they would have a greater GDP than Canada, India and Vietnam combined.

• Women-owned firms with revenues of $1 million or higher are more likely than other women-owned businesses to market their products and services nationally.

• Women-owned firms are growing at twice the rate of all firms. • One in 11 adult women is an entrepreneur.

Women make 80 percent of all purchasing decisions in the United States, and women entrepreneurs exercise that powerful purchasing power both at home and in their businesses.


I think this is great news! No matter what anyone says, stay focused on your goals; not your trials and tribulations.

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Work Relationships

“Today’s work challenges require the best efforts of a group of committed people who are working toward a common goal.”

This article highlights the five biggest mistakes made when dealing with work relationships.