How to Create a Social Media & Blog Post Template

When blogging, it is best to create a standard template; it helps to keep consistency and organization within your content.

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Blog Post Template


[Blog Title] – What Is This Post About? The subject, benefit etc…

[PHOTO] – A photo says a thousand words. Always add a photo that relates to your story or post.

[Subtitle] – Sum up what you will talk about in the post. That way the readers get a sense of what you will discuss or talk about.

[Body] – The meat of your post. This should include points, advice and details of your post that will be useful to your readers. The content should relate to the blog title.

Blog Post Ends

This info below goes at the end of every blog

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Ideas to Income Workshop

Join us for the 1st IDEABASH BASH on Saturday, September 21 from 6 – 9pm  at the Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn NY.


Featuring some of NYC’s most innovative talents, including Kid Lucky, Mem Nahadr, Everton Sylvester, On Ka’a Davis, Kim Clarke, DJ Neva, Emmallyea, Electric Meg  and….

What’s a BASH? It a New Paradigm collaboration where a bunch of people come together to create a product – in this case a music video – that each person can then sell on the IDEABASH Network. This Bash will be featuring some of NYCs most innovative talent and feature beatrhyming, dub poetry, a vignette from Mem Nahadr’s “Femme Fractale,” worldbeat grooves and the Bash Band.

For more info please visit: