3 Marketing Myths That Are Costing You Sales

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BARCELONA, SPAIN - JANUARY 07:  A display wind...Is your company approaching marketing and sales the right way?

Misunderstanding In-Person Sales. Everyone knows a personal connection matters in sales– but few companies have grasped how technology has altered the dynamic. It used to be that salespeople were “the only repository of the information customers needed,” Baer told me. “Nothing was available via self-service, so it was almost a forced relationship.” But just as stockbrokers and travel agents found themselves supplanted by the Internet, salespeople are far less necessary early in the process: customers want to investigate for themselves online. “Salespeople don’t have the keys to knowledge unilaterally the way they used to have,” says Baer, who is also the co-author (with Amber Naslund) of The NOW Revolution: 7 Shifts to Make Your Business Faster, Smarter, and More Social. They’re still important (customers want to know and trust the people they’re buying from), but their role in…

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How to Determine Your Business Plan’s Marketing Strategy

How to Determine Your Business Plan’s Marketing Strategy

Determine your best marketing strategy for a

business plan by knowing your target audience and looking at competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. Strategize a marketing plan by planning what avenues to advertise with using this free video from the owner of a small business.

3 things that should be on a growing company’s checklist

Sure, it’s easy to be loose with the rules as a startup.

But once your company takes off, it’s essential to put good policies and procedures in place.

These three tasks should be on every growing venture’s checklist:

1. Make an operations manual. 2. Write an employee handbook. 3. Make a disaster plan.

Colleen DeBaise
Special Projects Director