Small Business Publicity & Promotion

Publicity and Promotion

Planned activities can be the source of considerable attention by the news media. Your community and others may be very interested in your company’s activities. Promoting of those activities can generate a considerable amount of publicity that will benefit your organization, your industry and clients.

The following are just a few examples of what can be done to enhance your communication effort:

Participate in local community events. Try to participate in a unique and interesting fashion. Often local parades, events or shows need participants who can add color or interest to these events. Be creative.
Seek opportunities to address pertinent associations, schools or other community organizations. Before addressing any such group, release a news story announcing the event and your club’s participation, if the host organization is not doing so. Send an advance copy of the talk to appropriate editors and/or radio and television broadcasters. Publication deadlines will vary, so be sure to give advance notice appropriate to each publication’s specific requirements. Radio and television also need as much advance notice as you can give them, even if they typically deal with fast breaking news.
Participate in college and high school career days by setting up an exhibit or a booth. Announce such an event in a news story well in advance and don’t forget to issue personal invitations to graphic arts instructors, students and appropriate editors.
Don’t overlook newsworthy events which may be a regular part of your club’s activities, such as:

News About People:

* Appointment of new officers
* Participation in community activities
* sponsorship availability
* Award winners, and community acknowledgements’

* Special and social events/meetings

* Presentations

Editors and Newscasters have hundreds of news items competing for their attention and limited time and space to fill. Nevertheless, a legitimate local or industry news story can catch their attention. The following guidelines, along with the sample news release section in this manual, will help you in your efforts.

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