Want More Exposure For Your Small Business?

Don’t Sell. Write and Share Useful Information about Your Products and Services.

Apples & Oranges Small Business Marketing
Make Your Business A Target for new clients

 1.      Analyze your product or service. Get your facts straight by doing a little research. Assemble your information and data from multiple sources such as; recent marketing reports, eval­uations, surveys, clients, and existing copy. For best results, examine your products and services first-hand from a consumer’s point of view. Define the purpose and nature of the product and enumerate all the benefits that would be of interest to a prospective consumer.

2.  “Position” your product or service. How is it different from, or superior to your
competition? What do you offer that the competition doesn’t? Positioning is critical if you want to develop a successful marketing strategy in a competitive situation.

3.       Assess your audience. Always direct and compose your copy to the needs and tastes of your readers and potential clients. Are they everyday consumers? Upscale young professionals or executives in your field?  Find out by checking the demographics of   mailing lists, online  publications and media outlets in which you will share or post information about your company.

4.       Plan your strategy. Decide how much copy will be necessary to convey the mes­sage. (As a rule of thumb, the length of your copy should vary in direct propor­tion to your company’s investment in the product. But not always. If your product is simple and its virtues self-evident, you don’t have much explaining to do. Other points worth considering: Do you want to develop a focal point or a running theme? Do you want to present a line of related products? Be sure to coordinate your plans with staff, designers, illustrators etc., so that you’re both working with the same concept in mind.

5.       Review & Track Results. Most importantly, an easy to implement tracking strategy is critical. Review your articles, blog posts, copy, content and news releases that generated more responses. Keep track of sales, inquires, new mailing list sign-ups, Facebook likes and Twitter followers generated from your efforts. Whatever is working…do more of it. Only publish content that will be effective and useful to your readers.

Tip: Time is money. Save time by finding new ways to automate your systems and strategy. This will free up more time to help you improve your products and services, implement new ideas, as well as generate strategies to attract new clients.

Golden rule to follow: Ask yourself…if I were reading this post, would I find this useful to my small business? Don’t forget that what you write and publish is a representation of your company and your skills. If writing is not one of your strong points, consider hiring a professional on a part-time basis to take on this time consuming and tedious task for you.  Consistency is the key to generate results overtime.


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