Small Business Help: How to Create a Public Relations (PR) Plan

So who needs a PR plan? Anyone who is running a business. From  entrepreneurs, freelance professionals, independent consultants or anyone who plans to grow a business.

PR Plan Template

The public relations plan is the basis for your public relations program. Public relations plans can either be company-wide (improving the identity of a company) or they may focus on a specific individual, talent, product line, product or service. Below is a basic outline of what a typical public relation plan looks like.

  1. Executive Summary

Compose a brief synopsis of what the plan is trying to address, and the timeframe involved in execution of the plan.

2. Situation Analysis

Describe the situation in context of what the plan is trying to address. What is the current public opinion of the subject of the plan? How does it compare in the public’s eye to its closest competitors?

3. Goal

Write the  goal(s) that would directly address the problem or opportunity identified in your situation analysis.

4. Objectives

One to three or more objectives will probably underlie the goal. These should be specific, measurable and attainable and have a specific deadline for completion.

[Objective 1]

[Objective 2]

[Objective 3]

5. Target Audience

List a short description of the primary audiences that you want to impact through this plan.

[Target Audience 1]

[Target Audience 2]

6. Key Messages

List no more than three key messages you want to impress upon your target audience. Too many can appear to be confusing.

[Key Message 1]

[Key Message 2]

[Key Message 3]

7. Strategies

What methods will you use to get your message across? Strategies should include the who, how and what of accomplishing your objectives.

[Strategy 1]

[Strategy 2]

[Strategy 3]


Tactics are the specific action items you will take to support your strategies and meet your objectives. Each should include a deadline and cost estimate.

[Tactic 1] Deadline: Budget:

[Tactic 2] Deadline: Budget:

[Tactic 3] Deadline: Budget:

[Tactic 4] Deadline: Budget:

9. Budget

What will this cost? You must calculate your budget before attempting to carry out your plan.

10. Measurement

Once your PR plan is completed, evaluate whether your objectives have been met. If not, determine why. Add these to the measurement section and make it part of your completed PR plan for historical reference. For now, leave the heading in so you don’t forget to add the information later.

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