Characteristics of a Great Company Name

Are you thinking of a name for your new or existing business? Not an easy task…

Choosing a business name

So how did we choose our business name?

Our goal is to be a part of every business conversation. In most business discussions, the term “Apples & Oranges” is often used to make comparisons. That is why we choose the name “Apples & Oranges.” If we are a part of conversations, then “People” will remember us and “People” will eventually turn to us. It is quite that simple, and clever as well.

Making up a word should not be a last resort; it should be the first option. The founders of Google didn’t find their company names in a book. Get creative: combine two words or concepts, spell a word incorrectly, think outside the box; customers appreciate independent, risk-taking brands that try to distance themselves from the competition that plays it safe. So let other businesses settle for the simple, descriptive, boring names.

A great name must be memorable, functional, short and sweet, it should stick and tell a story. Allow yours to be different.

Stand out from the crowd.

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