Thinking of starting your blog? It’s great for business. Apply these 10 easy tips to get started today.


1. Name your blog so it reflects what you’ll be talking about as it relates directly to your business. Keep your blog on focus with themes.

2. Find a provider that offers all the technical elements you need to create an effective blog. WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger are very easy to use. Keep It simple.

3. Keep the same look and feel as your other marketing products—both online and offline.

4. Keep the tone casual. Be authentic, natural, honest, and informal, but maintain professionalism.

5. Enhance your blog with other media such as photos, audio, and video. Say what you think about industry information; personalize your posts with your own views.

6. Take a stand. Offer valuable information with news, trends, tips, insights, or analysis.

7. Be brief. Blog posts are small, but frequent snippets of information.

8. Commit to consistency. Plan on blogging at least two to three times a week.

9. Be a connector. Link to various online resources for background information on a topic.

10. SHARE. Expand your community with blogrolls. Inspire interactivity with reader comments and by posting on other blogs. Distribute your blog using RSS feeds for maximum exposure.

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