What is an Elevator Speech

What is an Elevator Speech.

The A&O Elevator Pitch

One of my favorite classes in high school was Business & Economics class. My teacher Mr. Fronapple used to talk about the “moving on up” speech, which we all know as the elevator pitch.

  An Elevator speech is  intended to grab the listeners or  investors’ attention in less than 45 – 60 seconds flat.  What can you possibly say in under 60 seconds that will result in a business appointment or make an investors (and potential customers) want to listen to what you have to say.  

What is an “Elevator Pitch“?

An “Elevator Pitch” is a concise, strategically planned, and well-prepared  description about your company or services that should be easily understood within the amount of time that it would take to ride an elevator up or down. Even the friend you consider to be not so smart should get it or understand your pitch.

What your “Elevator Pitch” must contain:

  1. An “attention grabber/hook” 
    Begin your pitch by getting the listeners attention. Give them a reason to listen to you. Begin with something you have in common, a question, or statement that make them want to listen to you. 
  2. About 140- 200 words
    Keep your pitch between 45 – 60 seconds.
  3. Excitement
    If an Investor is to listen to your pitch, they must clearly see how excited you are about your business or new venture.

Ask for what you want. make a request.
Now that you have survived your pitch, you must ask for what you want. Would like to get an appointment?  Do you want to get their business card to continue the conversation, would you like them to refer you?

Hope this helps.

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One thought on “What is an Elevator Speech

  1. Nice post explaining what an elevator pitch is. You said the most important things in just a few words! However, it would also be a good idea to put some examples. There are lots of sites that explain what an elevator pitch is, but few that actually illustrate them.

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