Facebook+WordPress – The Best way to share content

Facebook+WordPress – The Best way to share content

Facebook announced new integration for WordPress.org on June 12th, 2012. This new integration allows Facebook users, social media strategist and bloggers to add blog content to the social network in one click.

The integrations are available via Facebook for WordPress plugin. This allows you and your social media management team to to cross-publish content to WordPress, their own Facebook Timelines and the Facebook Pages for your company.

Don’t worry, this not hard to do at all.  As a matter of fact it is very simple since our engineering friends at Facebook  are the ones who built the plugin, in collaboration with open source partners.

Here is a blog post introducing the tool.

WordPress + Facebook makes total $cent$ since they both power a large majority of the web.

How does this work? Please click here https://developers.facebook.com/wordpress/

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