Want To Be Found On The Front Page of Google?

Consumer research shows…that on average, most people who browse the web using search engines like Google, click on the( organic search results) 5 times more than sponsored or paid links on top. Most of the time, they do not even click the links on the right.

So how do you boost your ranking on Google and possibly land on the front page?

  Consistent social media, marketing, and some good PR can very well help you to show up on the search engines.  And…the good news is…PR will not cost you hundreds of dollars per day like advertising.

 So what is the big secret?

 Create news and share it! After all, what brands do you purchase the most? I would guess probably the ones that you read and hear about in the news, trade papers and online on a consistent basis.

 The easiest way to start is with a press release about twice per month, blog, an e-zine or weekly newsletter depending on your product.

So here are few ways to get started right now

  • Make a choice. Choose how you want to share your news, and what you would like to share. Everything is news. The trick is how to make it news-worthy, so that local press and consumers will notice you.
  •  Decide which buzz generating platform or product would comfortably fit your marketing budget.  If you don’t have a marketing budget, get one. This could be just a few hundred dollars per month. Without marketing you will not show up on search engine, which means you will have little or no sales online. If you have an online business, you must make money online.
  •  If you decide to start with a press release, make sure it is news worthy. Your release, blog or e-zine must be written to entertain and provide valuable information to your readers.
  •  Optimize! Write your content using certain phrases and keywords that are often searched by consumers.
  •   Consistency is the key! On a weekly basis create and distribute content.

Note: Please do not expect overnight results. Be realistic. To think otherwise, is like placing an ad in the paper once and expecting overnight success.

 Not sure what to write about?

Everything is news.  A new website, new employee, new client, new address, new phone number, new Facebook page, new twitter account, new blog, an event etc.

 Become a resource of information. This will build trust, which leads to an increase in your clients and profits.

 Did you find this helpful? Share it. Not sure how to start? Drop us line. Be sure to include the link to your site and brief info about you and your company.

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