How to Get Publicity For Your Startup

The Big Media Giants Are Not  Always The Best To Go After!

How to get publicity

Many start-ups and small businesses make the mistake of trying to go after the larger media publications, like The NY Times, Huffington Post

Basically… it’s like trying to finish a race before you even start, or trying to walk without crawling.

  1. First things first. Develop a strategy for getting publicity. How can you get something without planning?
  2. Create your social media strategy and platforms. Start by creating accounts on  Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr. Create Social bookmarks on Stumble Upon and Delicious. Also, link your blogs to your Facebook Page and Twitter.
  3. Create a list of topics you want to write about, and then create an editorial calendar for what you will write about, and when. If you are not good at writing editorial content, consult with a local PR professional on per project basis.
  4. Create your content and tips, that will be useful for your audience or target market.
  5. Become a resource. By doing so, this will present you as an expert in your field:
  6. Post your article where your audience is.
  7. Send out an e-blast to your friends and ask them to share it.
  8. Post your content on your blogs and bookmarks.
  9. Send your article to local media editors who write about your products and services.
  10. Follow-up! Follow-up! Follow-up. Keep writing and publicizing your company.

Note: Do not expect overnight results. Even if no one responds, continue your campaign. Consistency will eventually get you noticed.

Tip: Target the media that is most likely to benefit your business–not necessarily the most prestigious media.

For many product firms the best place to get publicity is going to be in a trade publication; for many local service firms, the best place to get publicity is going to be the smaller local newspapers. Click here for a list of NYC local newspapers.

Get started! If you need help creating an editorial calendar or deciding what to write about, feel free to request a free consultation or a few press release samples.

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