What is the most expensive kind of PR there is?

Every year thousands of business lose an average of $5000 per month in revenue.

The most expensive PR...is "no PR."

Reason why? These companies are not positioned in front for their target audiences on a daily basis.
How can you market to the public, if you are are not related or connecting with the public effectively?

So..” No PR” is definitely expensive.


Here are 5 things you can do today to start getting more business

1) Start a daily checklist of 5 tasks you will do daily, to increase your client database.

2) Connect with one new person each day within your industry to expand your network.

3) Review your marketing material. Are your media kits, press kits etc., effective?

4) Social Media: Link your twitter, facebook, blogs and social feeds for content distribution.

5) Create a publicity schedule of how you will generate publicity on a daily basis.

Don’t forget to measure and tract your progress daily.

Here are some extra tips on “how to start a pr campaign.”

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