Topics for Press Releases – Find Your Inspiration


Remember, news is just this – timely, interesting, unique, useful or informative content. You created your organization for a reason. People work with you and buy from you for a reason. Those reasons are your news. And news appeals to everyone. Write those stories up and get them out there. You’ll be surprised who’s listening. Here are some great topics that you should be writing about in your press releases.


  • New website or significant upgrade to existing website
  • Creation of a new company or spin-off
  • Milestone accomplishments
  • Company anniversary (eg. 50 years in business)
  • New office opening or relocation
  • Company Name Change
  • Strategic partnerships and alliances
  • New executives and other personnel changes
  • Transfer in ownership
  • Company reorganization
  • Holiday-related sales
  • Major steps towards “going green”
  • Stock offerings
  • Financial and earnings updates
  • Securing business funding or credit – including venture capital or angel investments

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